Svarthakedopping - Podiceps auritus - Horned Grebe

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From the back this time. I don´t think I have that before.

The first time I saw this one was 2011-06-05 that makes it about 2 weeks old. It looks a bit rugged so it might be changing the first feathers. Probably the first one hatched this year.  

Svarthakedopping - Podiceps auritus - Horned Grebe
NF Photo 110618 at Östra Vingåker

There have been 7 families in the little wetland this year. At least from what I have seen. Most of the nests are now empty but oen is still on it. And that one has been laying there for more then a month. There are not many chicks. One or two per family. I think that is very little. In Storulvån this week we saw a family with 4 chicks.

This little lake is now getting lots of green algeae and I think that is bad. There were also fewer adults there. Last year they left long before the chicks so maybe, if the breeding was unsuccessful, they started the migrating already.

Camera Critters #167

BPW 147

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  1. Nice photo of the Grebe. The algae on the lake doesn't sound so good but I would think that the birds would be able to tell about the quality of the water.

  2. Grebes are so cool. You got some ice shots of the Horned Grebe and their chicks. I love the way they carry them on their backs.

  3. Agree with Larry, Grebes are very cool. I still need to get a pic of one carrying chicks.
    Love that last photo of the young one. Lovely.

  4. Nice shots! I love grebes--they're so small and stubby and cute. :)

  5. Vilken tur du har som fick bild på den :) de är ju jätte svåra att fota de är så himla långt borta när man ser dom .. i alla fall här :)

  6. Grebes are a mezmerizing sight and a great photo op. So cool to see the little ones!


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