Flying jewel

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Gröngöling, hane - Picus viridis - Green Woodpecker, male
NF Photo 100528 at Krämbol

First time I saw this woodpecker flying I had no idéa about what bird it was. Rather large I guessed it might have been a runaway parrot.  Much later I realised this flying jewel is a green woodpecker. :) 

 I wanted some photos of it in flight, now I have that. It is a flying colorbox. Isn´t it?  :)

 BPW 92                                 All green woodpeckers

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AviFaunas reserapport Camargue

Nu har AviFauna publicerat reserapporten för Camargue-resan.

Alla bilder i den är tagna av mig. :)

Jag hade velat att de skulle angett NatureFootstep, men de har skrivit mitt namn.


Birding at Öland may 2010

As mentioned before I was visiting Öland last weekend. It was my first trip to the irland in order to be birdwatching. So, for me, it was exciting. Badly enough it was mostly cold, raining and a lot of mist. Never the less, my fellow birders said that they never seen such wide variety of species. Even though the numbers of birds was much less. This morning I finished the count for my own photography.
Those 4 days, thursday to sunday, I managed to get 42 spieces "om film". Mostly bad but still. Fog  and distance is not a good combination for photography. Out of those species 25 was new to me so I will have a lot to do putting them all into the blog. :)

There is a fenomenon in Sweden, called "Larm" and "Drag". It means that people, that spot a rare bird, send out an alert on the bird. Telling others where to find it. Sometimes also watching it until more peopel arrives. That is "drag", when you respond to the alert and go to try to see the bird yourself. This was new to me, and I can understand why it is a popular thing to do. But sometimes I felt sorry for the bird.

One fun event occured though. On Öland there are a lot of cattle keeping the land from too much bushes. And now there was an alert for one bird, Citrine wagtail (citronärla) was found. One male was at the coast. A lot of people went there, walking a mile in fenced area that was wery wet. Carrying all equipment such as spotting scope and cameras. (thats me :) ) The bird was jumping up ans down on some rocks close to the water. All people rounded it on a couple of meters range.

Now, calltle area curious beings. Especially young ones. We heard the noise coming from behind us. The cattle was coming. They ran o teh side of the line. Roudned us and came in between the bird and the birders. I started to laugh, it was so fun. But the bird did not seem to mind. I tried to take photos on it behind the legs of the cattle. You don´t have more fun then you make of it yourself. Right! But I know some people was scared. And they started to move away. My company too. But as I started to pack I noticed one other bird on the ground in front of the birders. Common Ringed Plower (Större strandpipare) who ran front and back. It lookes as it was trying to scare off the cattle. And perhaps the people too. It probaly had a nest nearby. Such a great and brave soul. :)

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curious young cattle on the way
bird behind cowleg

citronärla - Motacilla citreola - Citrine wagtail
The bird causing all the fuss :)
NF Photo 100514

Entry for Camera Critters 111
BPW 91

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Citronärla - Motacilla citreola - Citrine wagtail

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Citronärla, hane - Motacilla citreola - Citrine wagtail, male 
NF Photo 100514 at Öland

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Cold and tired

I visited Öland and the Bird Observatory Ottenby this weekend. Birds are migrating north now. And as it was very misty, rainy and cold this weekend they had a tough trip coming up from Europe to Sweden, across the southern part of the Baltic sea.

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Rödhake - Erithacus rubecula - European Robin, NF Photo 100515 at Ottenby

Somebody said this is a Lövsångare - Phylloscopus trochilus - Willow Warbler
But looking in the book I think it might be a Grönsångare - Phylloscopus sibilatrix - Wood Warbler

If you know for sure, please tell me. But whatever species, both are  cold. :(



Flamingo - Phoenicopterus roseus - Greater Flamingo

I´ve been in Camargue in southern France for a week. Joined in on a birding trip. This area is known for its wild horses, black bulls and birds. This week was a lot of fun and gave me some new species to ad to the blog.

Some years back I visited Kenya and went to the famous Flamingolake. Too bad but I don´t remember the name right now. I was dissapointed then because I had expected a lot of pink flamingoes, but there were just a few of them. But this week I got a lot. In the last photo there are a breading place with more then 25000 pair of nesting birds. All the pink in the back of the photo is flamingoes. It was amazing. The area is protected and they also do research there. I choose this for the BPW this sunday.

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Flamingo - Phoenicopterus roseus - Greater Flamingo
NF Photo 100502, 100503

 BPW 89

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No of species photographed in Camargue:

Backsvala - Riparia riparia - Sand Martin
Biätare - Merops apiaster - Bee eater
Bronsibis - Plegadis falcinellus - The Glossy Ibis
Brunglada - Milvus migrans - Black Kite
Flamingo - Phoenicopterus roseus - Greater Flamingo
Gravand - Tadorna tadorna - Common Shelduck
Gulärla - Motacilla flava - Yellow wagtail
Gök - Cuculus canorus- Common Cuckoo

Hussvala - Delichon urbica - House Martin
Härfågel - Upupa epops - The Hoopoe
Iberisk varfågel - Lanius meridionalis - Iberian Grey Shrike
Kohäger - Bubulcus ibis - Cattle Egret
Korttålärka - Calandrella brachydactyla - Greater Short-toed Lark
Ormörn - Circaetus gallicus - Short-toed Eagle
Rallhäger - Ardeola ralloides - Squacco Heron
Rödbena - Tringa totanus - Common Redshank
Rödhuvad dykand - Netta rufina - Red-crested Pochard
Rödhuvad törnskata - Lanius senator - Woodchat Shrike
Rödvingad vadarsvala - Glareola pratincola - Collared Pratincole
Sandtärna - Gelochelidon nilotica - Gull-billed
Silkeshäger - Egretta garzetta - Little Egret
Svarthuvad mås - Larus melanocephalu - Mediterranean Gull
Skärfläcka - Recurvirostra avosetta - Pied Avocet
Svartkråka - Corvus corone - Carrion Crow
Småsnäppa - Calidris minuta - Little Stint
Snatterand - Anas strepera – Gadwall
Större strandpipare - Charadrius hiaticula - Common Ringed Plover



First report is on NF Photo You are welcome to check it out.