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Sjöholmsladan wetland, NF Photo 120423
This is one of the places outside town where I can see some migrating birds.

Årta - Anas querquedula - Garganey
In that pond I saw this annoying bird today. So hard to get a shot of it. Every time I push the trigger it is gone. It is a small duck and hides in the grass or reed. And don´t want to be shot at. :(

Fiskgjuse - Pandion haliaetus - Osprey
Leaving the place I heard a sound above. Looking up to see this osprey. :) 

 Sävsparv – emberiza schoeniclus - Reed Bunting
Next place I found this reed bunting singing his heart out. I did not see if there were any females around to hear it. 

Svarthakedopping - Podiceps auritus - Horned Grebe
The grebes went golden. I forgot to change the white balance. It was set to shadow and the sun was shining. I think that made this golden color. I kind of like it though, it suits the birds. :) 
NF Photo 120423

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  1. Beautiful birds and a delightful place to be able to watch them!! Love your captures for the day! A great look at your world!!


  2. The grebes are beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Ah! I am jealous that you have seen a horned grebe this year. I saw one last year...but not this one!

  4. Wonderful and the horned grebe ... wow!

  5. Wonderful shots of birds.

  6. Wonderful golden tones! And lovely bird shots.

  7. Flotte billeder du viser.
    Ønsker dig en god dag.
    Hanne Bente / hbt.finus.dk

  8. Beautiful series of images!

  9. OH .. den sista bilden .. oh .. den var så fin .. de var så vackra .. och de ser ut att ha ett allvarligt samtal med varandra :)
    En underbar härlig bild :)

  10. Hej!
    Du har verkligen haft en underbar dag här. Både svarthakedopping och årta, mmm härligt
    Ha en fin vecka

  11. Great photos. The first one shows a very beautiful place to look for birds.

  12. Vilken bra dag och fina bilder fick du! Årta har jag aldrig sett inte heller svarthakedopping, men jag har hört att den brukar finnas här, så jag hoppas jag hittar någon :)

  13. The darling bunting really posed beautifully for you -- made up for that annoying one who kept hiding (those hiders are the ones I usually see, sadly).

  14. Beautiful! The golden cast on the Horned grebes is fantastic.

  15. Wow..these are amazing shots and I know hard hard it is to get birds as they never sit still and are always hiding. Lovely birds for Nature Notes...Thank you...Michelle

  16. Beautiful photograph and fantastic nature. I am greeting


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