Grey day at the feeder

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 Tofsmes - Parus cristatus - Crested Tit
Svartmes - Parus ater - Coal Tit
NF Photo 121106

Two of my favourites was visiting the forest feeder today. But so hard to get great shots of them. It was dark and they move so quickly.  I am especially happy about the Crested tit because it seems to be only one and it is rarely visiting the feeder.

Wild Bird Wednesday 17
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  1. Hej!
    Väldigt få Tofsmesar även hos mig, hittills bara sett dom i skogen.
    Svartmesen däremot är flitig besökare vid fröladorna.
    Må gott /bea

  2. I would love to see a crested tit. We do get alot of Coaltit. From Findlay

  3. Beautiful little birds and great photos.

  4. The crested tit is a handsome little guy!

  5. Hej!
    Så kul både tofsmes och svartmes!
    ha en fin vecka


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