Swallows and swifts

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Tornseglare - Apus apus - Common Swift

 Hussvala - Delichon urbica - House Martin
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House Martin

This bullet is a
Ladusvala - Hirundo rustica - Barn swallow
© NF Photo 160625 Trolldal

Three species of swallows and swifts in an hour. Not bad in my book. This is three out of four of them in Sweden. The one I don´t have is the Sand Martin. People say they are in my area but I have never seen them. Not as I know anyway. 

This particular day the Barn Swallow was the hardest one to catch. It is so fast and flew around my head, too close. And to fast to catch. 

But, I had a lot of fun. 

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  1. These are great flight shots

  2. Hello, I have seen the Chimney Swifts but never the Common Swift. Great photos.

  3. So difficult to photograph in the air. Well done. Superb!

  4. Great reaction time, Monica. I know how hard they are to capture in flight. We have the Barn Swallow and the Tree Swallows around here and it is usually just by good luck that I snap my camera in time to catch one as it zooms by. Great shots ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Your photos are beautiful!


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