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Mute swan and juv whooper swan
© NF Photo 160909 Näsnaren

This was weird somehow. I did see the young whooper swans but no adults. Then there was adult mute swans. In the first image the mute swan is swimming really fast towards the young whooper swans. I thought, there is trouble going on soon as the two swan species don´t really get along. But luckily nothing of the sort happened. :) 

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  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty. We don't have swans in our part of the world, so this was a treat for the eyes. Beautiful.

    I will thank you again for participating in our birdin' experiences at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  2. Hello, pretty swans and lovely photos. Happy weekend!

  3. They are the most lovely birds! And the three together are such a nice photo!

  4. Strange about the two breeds of swans getting along, and where I wonder were the parents of the young Whooper's!! Great captures.:)

  5. Lovely to see 2 different species of Swans

  6. What a great set of swans!

    I never see any of them.


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