A sunny day at the feeder

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 Blue tit - Blåmes

Marsh tit - Entita

Nuthatcher - Nötväcka
© NF Photo 170115

This was a rare day this winter. A little snow and sunshine. Almost thought I was in a different country. 
As it has been a snow free and rather warm winter not many birds has been to the feeder at the forest edge. But these are almost always there every time I pay a visit. I think the Nuthatch is preparing for a dive :)

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  1. Hello, cute birds. I love the adorable Nuthatch! Happy weekend!

  2. The nuthatch photo is stunning!

  3. I think I could handle that little amount of snow [as long as it melts off by day's end!]

    Great photos....I favor the one in the middle...the light in the photo makes it look so professional. Well done.

    Thanks, as always, for adding your post link for us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  4. Lovely photo's, such wonderful colouring in the birds.

    All the best Jan


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