Yesterdays birds

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© NF Photo 170320 Tornstugan

I went to the forest feeder and the lake yesterday. At the feeder I noticed great spotted woodpecker, nuthatcher and a female Eurasian Siskin. At the lake most ice was now gone and replaced with graylag goose and lots of coots. Spring IS here!

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  1. Joli regard sur la nature ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  2. Wonderful photos, especially the Woodpecker!

  3. Coots seem to be everywhere! Love the lake image. And the array of other birds...marvelous!!

    Thanks again.

  4. These are awesome photos. I need to follow your example and go the nature preserve with my camera. I knew I recognized the nuthatch. We had one at our feeder this winter. Loved watching how they flew to the neighbors tree to hide the seeds for later. Birds are so interesting to watch. :)

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles


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