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Lilla Näsnaren
© NF Photo 170503

I visted the little shallow lake Lilla Näsnares the other day. They have built a new platform for birders and I wante to check it out.

There were several pairs of Mute swan and I thought there might be nesting. There was also some Common Terns showing off :) To my pleasure. 

When I checked my shots at home  I enlarged one of them and saw that the Mute swans already had chicks. I had not seen that as I did not bring my Spotting Scope. A nice surprise. Now I have to go there often as I have not seen swan young for several years. 

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  1. I'd be there daily to watch the growth and the beautiful parents nurturing. The tern in flight is super.

    Once again, as always....thanks for linking in and sharing these marvelous photos.


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