Horned Grebes again

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NF Photo 100628,   family no 4

Kan inte hjälpas. Men det blir fler Svarthakedoppingar. Den här nykläckta ungen serveras mat sittande på en av föräldernas rygg. :)

Can´t help it, but I post more of the Horned Grebes. This newly hatched chick gets its lunch served sitting on one parents back. :)

A chick from the first family. About 2-3 weeks old

BPW 97

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  1. That's great photo to catch the moment when the chick is being fed while sitting on the other parent's back. I have never seen anything like it before.

  2. Fantastic capture of the Grebe chick getting fed! I love watching grebes. I think they are one of the most interesting bird species on the planet and I love the way they carry their chicks on their backs.

  3. Där fick du verkligen bra foton. De är så gulliga......

  4. Men jisses vilka härliga bilder .. den sista .. m . den är så himla gullig och så vackert fotat :)

  5. Absolutely wonderful. I really love the shot with the baby on the back!


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