Canadian and Greylag goose and...

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NF Photo 110817 at Djulö
There are a lot of hybrid birds among the candian geeze. Some of them looks crazy in the heads. The parents are probably Canadian and greylag goose. And maybe, the whitest one, might be Barnacle goose but I´m not sure. Probably more likey they are "suffering" from leucism. I wonder if the two spieces will finally become one?
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  1. Ja man kan nog säga att det finns många .. för jisses .. ute på segerstad är det fullt överallt.. tur jag inte bor där nu för de för ett himla väsen också :)

  2. Great photos of very interesting geese and the hybrids possible between the two species.

  3. Wonderful comparison photos of these Geese. Very nice photo series!

  4. Neat pictures, I've never seen any birds like those geese. I especially like the ones in the second picture.


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