Gathering and taking off

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Grågås - Anser anser - Greylag Goose
NF Photo 110728, Sjöholmsladan

The Greylag goose is a common  bird around here. They are the first to arrive in the end of March. Now the offspring are almost grown so the birds are gathering in flocks to eat before leaving the country again. I think they are quite boring. But for some reason I always like to see them from behind. I think you can see why. It is the only bird I don´t get sorry when they turn their backs on me and takes off. They have beautiful tails.  :)

Camera Critters 174
Bird Photography Weekly #154
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  1. Hej!
    Grågåsarnas höstflytt har pågått en tid redan och det känns lite vemodigt med tanke på kulna mörka kvällar framöver och ingen fågelsång.
    Må gott! /Bea

  2. Great captures! I love the take off. They are cute looking geese.

  3. Quite a gaggle of geese! Love the take off shot!

  4. They remind me of our Canadian Geese. It's fun to watch them come home for the summer and sad to see them leave in the fall.

  5. Wonderful action shots!

  6. Great action shots. That's another bird we don't have down here so they certainly wouldn't be boring for me!

  7. Häftiga bilder! Jag har bara sett två grågåsar och det var i börja av sommaren, de är väldigt fina :)

  8. Fjällripan, jag trodde ni hade mycket gäss däruppe också.

  9. Very good and nice photos.


  10. Oh, I miss seeing Greylags! Great pictures. I don't think I ever really noticed their tails in flight before. Really nice indeed!


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