Some birds on the road

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Ljungpipare - Pluvialis apricaria - European golden plover
NF Photo 120412, Skåra viken, Nyköping

De här ljungpiparna såg jag inte förrän en annan skådare påpekade att de var där. De rörde sig överhuvudtaget inte så jag hade trott de var jordhögar. Jag var ju inte så nära då. De vilade sig på väg norrut.
These Golden Plovers was completely motionless so I did not see them until another birder showed me. I had thought it was lumps of dirt. I was not that close then. I was able to come rather close before I noticed I disturbed them. They are now up north somewhere. :)

 Ejder - Somateria mollissima - Common Eider

 Storskrake - Mergus merganser - Common Merganser/Goosander

Rödhake - Erithacus rubecula - European Robin 
NF Photo 120424, Hummelvik, Nyköping

Fisktärna - Sterna hirundo - Common Tern
NF Photo 120425, Näsnaren

Some of the birds I´ve seen lately. If you are interested of the trip to Hummelvik, a small fishing village at the coast, where I saw the robin, Eider and Mergansers, you can visit my Travel blog. The post is HERE

If I am not responding to comments quickly it is because I am on my way to Öland and Ottenby bird observatory, a Bird Migrating paradise in Sweden. So I hope my next weeks entry will be about that. 
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  1. Nioce shots but I like the last one the best!Have a great day!


  2. A lovely series. Have a great time at Oland.

  3. Great Eider shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    Excellent photo of the Common Tern!

  5. I really love the common eider shot! WOW!

  6. Great captures! I love the last one.

  7. ÅÅÅ så roligt att du fick se ljungpiparna! Fina bilder allihop :)

  8. Wonderful post and birds, I love the Plovers, they are gorgeous birds.

  9. A great series of photos. The Tern in flight is especially beautiful.

  10. Herlige bilder!
    Ha en fortsatt flott kveld!

  11. Dang...all your birds are sweet!

  12. Interesting captures. Safe journey to you Sir!

  13. Wonderful captures! Love them all!

  14. What a nice set of birds - and all species I don’t see anymore!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  15. The little robin made me smile. Lovely collection of birds and delightful flight shot.

  16. Fantastic photographs, unusual birds. I am greeting

  17. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    the common tern in flight is really good

  18. Love them all, but oh the Tern image, amazing beauty captured on the wing!

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  19. Oh så många fina bilder du har fått på dessa fåglar :) härligt :)


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