Yesterday was sunny

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 Coal Tit - Svartmes

Yellowhammer - gulsparv
Yellowhammer and Great tit
© NF Photo 140203

There was finally some action at the forest feeder. Not many species but still. The little Coal Tit was really fluffed up and seemed cold and the Yellowhammer seem to have got "cold feet". Yet, it was not cold, about zero so a bit thawing on the snow.  :)

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  1. Great photos of the little birds. I hope they all survive through the cold weather.

  2. Nice variety of yardbirds! The Yellowhammer is a favorite of mine!

  3. i love chickadees ... i think that is what it is or was? so nice to meet you through the bird link up "Wild Bird Wednesday" ( :

  4. Does look like our chickadees here in the Ozarks.

  5. Yellowhammer, one of my all time favourite birds, lovely. Just wish I got to see them more often, thanks for this personally uplifting post

  6. Fina bilder. Mesarna är så söta.

  7. Hi. great to see a Yellowhammer


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