A few ones today

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 Svartvit flugsnappare- Ficedula hypoleuca - Pied Flycatcher
They have finally arrived and are looking for a home.

 Fisktärna - Sterna hirundo - Common Tern
It was low pressure and drizzling so all terns and gulls chased at the water surface
Sothöna - Fulica atra - Eurasian Coot
That is quite a nest she has created. It is the first time I have seen the Coot with such a visible nest. And there is another one also that has the nest a Horned Grebe used last year.

Rörhöna - Gallinula chloropus - Common Moorhen
The moorhen is shy and hard to spot. But today I was lucky. This one I have seen before and it probably has a mate and nest. Today I also spotted one on the other side of the road so maybe there are two couples. Now I´m looking forward to see chicks. :)

© NF Photo 140512 at Näsnaren and Ö Vingåker

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  1. A good collection of birds. Very nice.

  2. I especially like the Pied Flycatcher's contrasting plumage.

  3. Lovely birds but that tern in flight shot i excellent.

  4. Nice variety of birds. The Pied Flycatcher is cute and I always enjoy the Terns and the Moorhen! Great shots!

  5. Beautiful photos and wonderful to see the flycatcher.

  6. Loving that flycatcher! Nice birds around your area. Happy birding!

  7. Wonderful birds! I particularly love the Pied Flycatcher!

  8. AnonymousMay 16, 2014



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