A little too much

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Mallards, probably a pair as the beaks is differently colored

Juvenile Eurasian coot

juv Horned Grebe swimming all alone. The parents seem to "have left the building"
© NF Photo 140729. Östra Vingåker

It does not look great with all the green stuff, algae,  on the water surface. But the birds don´t really seem to mind it.

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  1. The algae is all part of nature, I hope it doesn't kill off too much of their food supply in the lake.

  2. Ah, most of the ponds around here are covered in algae too. I haven't seen any coots this year so now I'm wondering where they all are!

  3. A lovely collection of the water birds. The ducks, coots and the grebes are all beautiful, lovely shots. Thank you for sharing your post with my critter party.. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Some great birds photographed. Have a great weekend.

  5. awww. teenagers left to grow up. :)

  6. Visst ser det gräsligt ut. Hoppas fåglarna klarar sig utan problem.

  7. Great photos, to much algae are a real danger for aquatic animals. Birds can just fly away.


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