Osprey with a catch

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Fiskgjuse - Pandion haliaetus - Osprey 
© NF Photo 140731, Hjälstaviken

 I took a day trip to Hjälstaviken to try to catch Bearded Reedling. But they did not appear at all. Luckily somebody else did. With a catch of it´s own. So, like the Osprey,  I did not go home empty handed.

Wild Bird Wednesday
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  1. Lovely images. Hope you have more success with the Bearded Reedling next time.

  2. Ni fick båda en fin fångst!

  3. What great captures!

  4. Awesome series on the Osprey!

  5. Amazing how they can carry such big fish out of the water.

  6. Wow! Sweetheart of a series of photos!!!

  7. How delightful! I actually once saw an osprey take a catch from the pond behind our house in FL. He was flying away with it and looked just like your photos! Then some other birds started harassing him, and he dropped the fish. I retrieved the fish and tried to throw it back up to him, but he didn't catch on...or maybe he thought I was being totally ridiculous, because I suppose I was. But, I tried. :-)

  8. Amazing photos! How fun to see that and catch it on your camera!

    Iowa Voice

  9. Splendid picture. I think the fish may be a bream.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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