BPW83 New arrivals this week

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The Cranes just arrived to Stensjön
NF Photo 100324
Common Cormorant at Backa lake
NF Photo 100327
I also got a second look at the Great Bittern that stays at Vrena  :)
NF Photo 100326

And....lots of birds singing outside my window, despite the fact it is a grey and dull day today.

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  1. How amazing that these fascinating birds live close to where you live! Very nice photos and I am sure it was a great pleasure to take them! Have a sunny and delightful Sunday! :-)

  2. I'm enjoying seeing the spring migrants return to blogs around the world. These are all great birds. You can see the red markings clearly on one of the cranes in the top photo, the one to the right looking straight at the camera.

  3. Jag VILL också ha .. skicka hit dom ... särskilt den sista :) den är ju så otrolig härlig underbar rolig att se på :) underbara bilder som det är en stor fröjd att få titta på :)

  4. dom är på väg till dig Mimmi, alla utom rördrommen. Det finns bara en så den vill vi ha kvar.

  5. Beautiful photos and to get a second look is not all way easy.

  6. Beautiful photos of the cranes and the Bittern is great! I can't believe it is so out in the open like that.

  7. Wonderful shots. I particularly like the cormorants. Very lovely.

  8. Great photos. I especially like the Cranes.


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