Oxelösund March 10th

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Last wednedsay I went to Oxelösund, as I recieved a mail the evening before that they would have a birding session at a place called Ljungskärsflagen. I have never been there so it was  a great opportunity to me. It took me about 1.5h to get to the location at the coast of The Baltic Sea. It turned out to be great. Sun shining and temperature just above freezing. Some thawing going on.

We met at 13.30 and finished at 16.00. A short walk in the snow and forest with all my stuff was a bit hard though. But I managed.

Some of the scenery with a lot of Tufted ducks (viggar) on the water 

A  black headed gull (skrattmås) met us on the parkinglot. (ad winter)

A beautiful Common Merganser male (storskrakshane)  swam in the harbour.

Some Tufted ducks (viggar) up close.

And finally I got a closer look at the Sea Eagles (havsörn)  that I hardly spotted last week.

The spotting scope turned out to be quite OK. But there is limits of course. The more experienced people among us said they spotted long tailed ducks (alfågel). But I just saw some white dots riding the waves. That is what experience is for I guess. :)

There are aditional photos on NatureFootstep. Three posts starting with this one
And on Stefans Blog is even pics of me. :)

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  1. Great birds but it does look so very cold. I guess birders put up with any climate to see the birds they want!

  2. Great shots of the sea eagles. I still hope to catch them at Lauwersoog here in NL one day.

  3. Beautiful shots of the birds. I really enjoyed the photo of the snow covered islands and all the ducks in the water.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos! Love the landscape images.

  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely birds. The sea eagles are really cool!


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