Rödstjärt - phoenicurus phoenicurus - Common Redstart

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Rödstjärt, hona - phoenicurus phoenicurus - Common Redstart, female 

ung hane enl boken - young male according to my book

Ser ut som en unge - looks like a young
NF Photo 10624 at Duveholmsbadet

Sometimes it is hard to determine the age of a bird. According to the images in my book this male should be in it´s first winterplumage. I don´t know if they start breeding their first season. The male should be black on the throat.  But it could be an ad male that lost some of its breeding plumage I guess.
Last year I only managed to get one photo of a female Redstart. Now I got myself a family. :)

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  1. Nice photos of the Redstart and juvies.

  2. great shots, love the one with the food..always makes for great bird photos!

  3. Great photos. It's always interesting to get photos of the whole family!

  4. AnonymousJune 28, 2010

    A lovely collection of redstart photos. Somewhat different from the American Redstarts I know best - didn't realize that they aren't related closely to each other.

  5. Men ojoj så himla gulliga bilder. men den bilden där den sitter med larven i munnen ..det var ju så underbar :)

  6. Such nice little friends.

  7. Very nice shots of the Redstarts NF! I agree with Jill, the photo with the bird and the grub is super!


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