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Wedneday evening I went to Nyköping to meet with some female birders. Sometimes it is fun to be just females. There were 4 of us that went out to a place called Strandstuviken. It is located at the Baltic sea. It is salt water but not as salt as the Oceans. On the image above there are a lot of  Vitkindad gås - Branta leucopsis - Barnacle Goose, and they had a lot of cute chicks.  

Skräntärna - Hydroprogne caspia - Caspian Tern

Smalnäbbad simsnäppa - Phalaropus lobatus - Red-necked Phalarope
And that was the best photo I got of that little beauty. :(
NF Photo 100602 at Strandstuviken, Nyköping

I was rather pleased with my company, the area that I had not visited before and the fact that I spotted two new birds. A great way to spend an evening in spring.  :)

 Artikel i Vår fågelvärld nr 3-2012 s 44
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