Looking for eagle

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Ormvråk - Common Buzzard

Korp - Raven
NF Photo 101015

Yesterday I went to a place outside my town. It is a place where they use to put out slaughtering leftovers for the eagles. It is hunting season now and I was hoping they might have started the feeding. But I could not see anything and felt no smell of it. Never the less, the ravens were at the site. So something was going on. Maybe next week the eagles will be there.
I did not see the eagles, but I spotted a Common Buzzard. And it looks exactly like a bird I have seen before at the opposite side of the town. About 30 km from where I was yesterday.

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  1. Great photos of the birds in flight. I hope you see the eagles next time you are there.

  2. Rörelse i bilder gillar jag oerhört och du har lyckats med de svåra, fåglarna som sällan ses sitta på en gren :)
    Ofta seglar dessa högt, högt i cirklar och spanar ned på småfågel-matningen och nu har jag lag tupp vissa grenar och gömslen för att inte rovfåglarna äter från mina bord!
    Ha det gott! /Bea

  3. Men vad är det mitt öga skådar :D En VACKER bild på Ormvråk och så har du .. din lycko fått bra bilder på en korp också ..den dagen måste du ha känt vara otroligt lyckat :)
    Woow säger jag :D

  4. ...I hope you do catch sight of the eagles soon. It's always such a thrill to see one! Great flight photos of the buzzard.

  5. Lovely birds-in-flight photos. Maybe you'll see the eagles next time.

  6. Your Common Buzzard looks quite a bit like out Red-tailed Hawk. And the Raven, of course, if you follow them to the carrion, you will most likely find your eagles. I hope you get to see them next time. I look forward to the photos!

  7. Interesting shots. Hope you catch the eagle!


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