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Havsörn - Sea eagle
 NF Photo 101020
I was not that lucky with the eagles. I got only one shot, the one above, on my way to the shelter. It flew away before I even got close. :(  The hiding was a mess. The door was stuck and I had to work hard to open it. Then I had to clean out a lot of spiders web and leafs. Obivously  noone used it for a long time. And the cattle to were curios about what I was doing. They belong an "open landscape" project I think as there are both cows and bulls. And young. 
Sidensvans - Waxwing
NF Photo 101021, Original Photo at Bildverkstan, Waxwing

I mentioned before that the waxwing are early at this location. This year will not be good for them. Last year there were tons of berries on the trees. But they did not need it then. There were food all over the place. Now the trees are empty. Some bushes has berries but  the rowans (rönn) are empty. There seem to be lots of birds as there were much food last winter. This year many of them will starve. :(

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  1. Men jisses :) har du fått bild på en Havsörn .. som sitter :) det var ju otroligt bra .. att bilden ä inte är kanon klar .. vad gör det .. du har ju fått bild på en sittande HAVSÖRN :) jätte bra gjort :)

  2. Too bad the eagles flew off so soon. Hope they are more cooperative next time! Interesting about the lack of rowan berries this year. Do you know what has caused it?

  3. Mimmi, jag har en sådan bild förut, Nu ville jag ha en bättre. :(

    Mick, it was probably too cold during the blooming period. No insects, no fruit. :(

  4. At least you got to see the Sea Eagle. I really like the effect on the Waxwing photo. Very cool.

  5. ...to me, any photo of any kind of eagle is good. I just love them! Your Sea Eagle is a beautiful bird...

  6. You were lucky that youwere able to get a shot of the Sea Eagle! Nice "effect" on the waxwing photo.

  7. :) glad u liked the waxwing. Hopefully more eagles will come.


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