Packing my bags

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NF Photo 110109
This is a rather common sight, yet it made me smile. It is impossible to stop at that bridge without the mallards coming marching to you. Hoping to get bread or whatever people feed them with.

Stjärtmes - Long tailed tit, NF photo 110111
They look great in black and white I think. :)

This is my last post for a while. I am leaving to Arlanda airport on Wedneday. Beginning my birdingtrip to Costa Rica. I´ll be gone about 3 weeks with travelling days. When I come back I hope to have a LOT of shots to share. Both from the birds and from the country.
Just had to share these shots before I leave.

BPW 126

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  1. Sweet! The ducks and the LTT.
    They DO look awesome in b&w, wow!

    Have a great time in CR and happy birding!

  2. Ha en trevlig resa och fota på! Men något sötare än stjärtmesarna hittar du nog inte.

  3. Ducks coming up to meet you would be fun - even though you know they are just hoping for some food!
    Fave a great holiday and I look forward to seeing your photos when you return.

  4. Oops! A typo!! It should have been "Have a great holiday..."

  5. a de är så himla goa de änder .. så fort man kommer ner till dom ..så kommer de som ett skott och vill ha mat :)
    underbara vackra gulliga bilder på stjärtmesen och ja .. de blev väldigt bra i svartvit :) ha det så himla trevligt på din resa nu :)

  6. I look forward to seeing your bird shots from warmer climes.

  7. I think they look good in B&W too. What cuties!

  8. Great photo!! Have a great trip. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Söta Stjärtmesar och fina bilder!
    Trevlig resa! / bea


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