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Svartmes och blåmes - Coal tit and Blue tit
NF Photo 110331

Sångsvan i, fortfarande, en frusen svansjö - Whooper swan  in, still, a frozen swan lake
NF Photo 110331

Skrattmåsen har anlänt - Black-headed Gull has arrived

Camera Critters 156

BPW 136

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  1. It is a nice bonus to get both tits on one feeder/shot.

  2. Lovely shots! I think I've posted photos of blue tits too. If you know what sort of bird they are, I*d be grateful if you let me know... thanks.

  3. Nice to get the Coal Tit and the Blue Tit in one photo. The other photos certainly show that you still have a lot of snow and ice around. I wonder what the Swans find to eat if the lake is still frozen?

  4. Gorgeous photos as usual :)
    I love the Landscape, can't even imagine snow any more :)
    Wonder if there are some Black-headed Gulls that have been in Kuwait before :D
    Lucky catch of the Tits!

  5. Lovely shots! The Blue Tits are so cute.

  6. Great captures!! You still seem to be in winter as we are. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Great birds! I can see it's still very cold where you are. How much longer do you have winter?

  8. Nicole, You never know, it might be. :)
    Thanks everyone.

  9. very awesome shots..love your photos...visiting from Bird Photography...followed you through GFC...hope you'll follow me back...

    mine's here:


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