Stjärtand - Anas acuta - Northern Pintail

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Female and Male    Stjärtand - Anas acuta - Northern Pintail

NF Photo 110415 at Sjöholmsladan

Most of the time they were like this.  Upside down. Wonder if that is why they are named pintails. :)

A new spieces to me, a lifer. Great! But why are they always on the other side of the wetland? Shot with 500mm lens.

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  1. Ja nu har man fått sett några fåglar som man inte har sett tidigare igen :)

  2. Vackert stjärtprydda fåglar!
    Lite lustig med sjöfåglarna när de står på huvudet för att söka mat :)
    Må gott! / Bea

  3. Fantastic pictures! I love all your pictures.

    I get little bit lost when I come to your home page as I do not know the language and I apologize if I post the comments in the worng place.

  4. At least you have the 500mm. I must make do with a 300 and with that I would have any idea what these birds are. I should go back and look at some recent photos, though, it might be my mystery bird.

  5. Nice photos. I find ducks very hard to get close to - unless they are in the city park where they have got used to people.

  6. Yes, that question remains on my site of the Globe too: why are they usually at the wrong side of the pool? ;)
    Congrats on the Lifer and great shots after all! :)

  7. Great shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. hehehe! Love those tails-up shots! :-)

  9. Very nice photos! Congratulations on the life bird!

  10. I love Northern Pintails! They are such elegant looking ducks, well, maybe not with their butts in the air, but when you can see their faces ;-)

    Nice captures and congrats on the lifer!

  11. Meant to stop by last week and didn't... now you are away... congratulations on the life sighting of these birds... very nice images!


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