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NF Photo 110929, Näsnaren

All of a sudden the lake isfilled with migrating ducks. I think I spotted about 10 different species. They will probably stay for about two weeks. Sadly I had no time o really study this, as I´ve been helping my daughter as she is moving. And tomorrow I will go to Falsterbo Observatory in the southern part of Sweden.
 They say a lot  of migrating birds are passing there this time of year. So I´m hoping to see a lot.
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  1. Very interesting to see all those migrating ducks. The Falsterbo Observatory looks terrific. I hope you see a lot down there and get some photos that you can share with us here on your blog.

  2. Hoppas du får se något bra när du är där :)

  3. It is cool to see all the migrating birds and the ducks. We should start to see some ducks here soon. Have a safe trip and happy birding.

  4. Neat, so you mean that you only see ducks in numbers during migration? Interesting!


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