Gransångare - Phylloscopus collybita - Common Chiffchaff

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Gransångare - Phylloscopus collybita - Common Chiffchaff
NF Photo 111002, Falsterbo

When I was in Falsterbo we was introduced to ringing birds. The first day we learned a bit of the history and about the area we were in. More of that will be found on my Travel blog. The first bird we were  shown was a Chiffchaff. It was already ringed but we learned  a bit about it. One characteristic for this bird compared to similar ones is the dark cheek that make the bright ring around the eye stand out.

I really should need to work with the birds on a station for some time.
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BPW 164

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  1. Nä men .. oj ... så HIMLA gullig :)
    och så kul att få vara med på ringmärkningen :)

  2. The second shot is wonderful. - Margy

  3. What gorgeous eyes this bird has!

  4. Beautifully captured!

    My Critter, please come and see.

  5. Beautiful bird! And lovely photos. Have a Happy Sunday!

  6. jättefina och gulliga bilder på den söta lilla fågeln. fint fångat :)


  7. Great photo of the bird and you were very fortunate to have the experience of seeing birds being ringed.


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