Ducks on Näsnaren

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Mostly Mallards and a few other ducks
Snatterand - Anas strepera - Gadwall
NF Photo 121010, Näsnaren

I was out to Lake Näsnaren the other day. I was rather dissappointed that day. When I arrived I managed to get one shot of the Gadwalls before they took off. There was many ducks on the lake but most od them were mallards and they were on the other side of the lake where you have no access. The shot above was taken with my 500mm lens so it was hard to tell what ducks actually was there. But the sound of the quacking indicated lots of Mallards. Ducks often stops here for a few days on there way south to where ever they spend their winter. .

Wild Bird Wednesday 14
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  1. Herlige bilder, flott å se!
    Ha en fin kveld!

  2. Very nice birds, but very shy.

  3. I think gadwalls are handsome birds.

  4. That's a lot of ducks on the other side of the lake. It must be as frustrating as when the shorebirds roost on a sandbank with only access by water. Great photos.

  5. Great shots of the ducks. The Gadwalls might be one I see here in the winter months.

  6. Not always easy to get close to that many ducks.

  7. Typiskt att de skulle vara så långt borta. Så du har ett 500 mm, det skulle man nog ha. Tungt?

  8. Fun to catch them on their brief stopover.


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