A great day for birds

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 Stjärtmes - Aegithalos caudatus - Long tailed tit
NF Photo 130310
 Blåmes - Parus caeruleus - Blue tit
NF Photo 130310

Sångsvan - Cygnus cygnus - Whooper Swan
NF Photo  130310

Some days everything works so well you almost get stunned. I did not se many birds but things that I liked.  The Long Tailed Tit was searching for food right in front of me. At least for a minute. And then the Blue Tits was playing around with each other. This is a pair I think. The darker one the male. Checking each other out. The swans was in the lake about 10 min walk from the location of the others. This is probably a family where the youngsters just got their adult plumage.

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  1. Now I am more than happy I came to your pages! I haven`t seen Long tailed tit since my childhood!
    that photo of bluetits is also so cheerful.
    And swans of course, we have to wait for them still two months because of ice on the lakes and rivers.

  2. Never seen birds like these--beautiful!!

  3. A great series of photos. The Long-tailed Tit is especially beautiful.

  4. The tits are such sweet little birds...or they look like they are.

  5. Så flotte bilder!
    Det går mot vår!

  6. Both the Blue and the Long-tailed tit are gorgeous birds. Great photos!

  7. Lovely tits - funny name for gorgeous birds.

  8. Beautiful captures!Have a great day!


  9. Hej! Vilket perfekt foto på lilla stjärtmesen, de är ju så himla snabba. De andra är bilderna är också fina på våra vanliga svenska fåglar. Nästan konstigt när man tittat på så många utländska bloggar här nu! :)
    Ha det gott! /Pia

  10. Colourful series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. Hej!
    Underbara fågel bilder, stjärtmesarna är ju bara för söta. Vi hade några här hemma på matningen för några dagar sedan. Som vanligt så var de rastlösa och drog innan jag fick bilder men en stunds njutning bjöd de på.
    Ha en fin kväll!

  12. What cute little birds...and colorful. It looks like it was a good birding walk Monica.. Thank you for linking into Nature Notes. . Michelle

  13. I do like the LTTs - I would not think such a bird was possible if I had not seen them for real! They are so comical.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M - Melbourne


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