Birding Oxelösund harbour

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Storskrake - Merganser (Goosander) and one other duck
 Can´t help but wonder what it he is looking at. :)
Vigg - Tufted duck
NF Photo  130329 Oxelösund

I and a fried went to the coast yesterday to check on the birds. There is supposed to be a Ring-necked Duck in the harbour area. As this is an American duck it is very rare in Sweden. There was probably more then 1000 tufted ducks to chack out in order to find the Ring-necked one. We spend 4h looking for it but failed. But then, of course, half way home we got word it was sighted. My friend was not to happy then. We did not have time to turn around and go back.

Shadow Shot Sunday   There are shadows here and there even if not that obvious.
Bird D´Pot 
NF Waters
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  1. the last shot of them in flight is awesome!!! love it!!!

  2. The Merganser are cute, great shots. The flight shot is awesome!

  3. I love the 'take off flight' pattern of the birds. Excellent.

  4. That last picture is amazing!

  5. Great photos and I especially enjoyed the one where you caught the birds in flight.

  6. Flight shots! Fabulous. Sorry you missed the one you went for, but any bird sighting, especially when you get these good shots, is good!


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