Snösparv - Plectrophenax nivalis - Snow Bunting

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A group of males
Seems to be females and young ones

Snösparv - Plectrophenax nivalis - Snow Bunting
NF Photo 130321 o 130322

I was lucky this week when I took the car to the countryside outside town. I spotted the Snow Buntings and they are quite rare. They are heading north now to breed on the tundra.
To see them in the air is easy as they "glitter" due to the bright underpart. To see them on the ground is much worse. I had to mark them to see them. :)

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  1. Beautiful birds - especially great in-flight photos.

  2. Stilige bilder!
    God påske til deg!

  3. They are beautiful birds and one of my favorites. The male is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  4. Trevligt! Snösparven brukar mellanlanda även hos mig och hoppas snart få se den :)
    Glad Påsk / Bea

  5. Nice find!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. How wonderful to find this rare bird! You have great birding karma! Thanks for sharing.

  7. But you saw them!! That is the main thing!! I pay a lot more attention to the birds in the spring, since they have been gone so long!!

  8. Vilka häftiga bilder där snösparvarna är som stenskot på rutan. Förlåt en konstig liknelse, men de är så fantastiskt skarpa och "utmejslade" i bilden.

    Vilken underbar naturupplevelse att få se en hel flock glittra i luften.

    Glad påsk önskar jag dig!

  9. Fina bilder. De är svåra att upptäcka. Glad Påsk!


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