Mandarinand - Aix galericulata - Mandarin duck

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Mandarin duck female and mallard males

Mandarin duck female and mallards

Mandarin duck female, mallards and mute swan

 Mandarin duck female, mallards and mute swan
It is the mandarin who flap her wings
© NF Photo 150224 

This was a tough birding day. It started out with sunshine. So I went. The mandarin female has been on this location for some weeks but I never managed to see her. Today I was alone and took the challenge to go to the opposite side of the pond. Which means going between a stream and the fence with a djungel like bush forest to cut my way through. But I made it. Still when I spotted her it was through the fence and reed. And the sun was long gone. It started to snow. I had seen a chair in a bush, I fetched it and climbed up. I got a much better view that way. I would not call thee images "good quality" but I got her.

I made an art of one of the images but it is posted in my main blog. HERE if you want to see it.

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  1. A very serene beauty in these shares of the ducks and swans. They look like paintings, lovely!

  2. Pretty shots of the ducks and swans. Congrats on your Mandarin female, she is pretty..

  3. Your persistence paid off, Monica. See plenty mallards, but not the mandarin or mute swan.

  4. You did not have much luck with the weather but at least you saw the Mandarin duck

  5. Your Mandarin female looks like our Wood Duck female with the ringed eye and the cute shape of her head. We get Wood Ducks here in the springs and then the females and thier babies are here all summer ... I have no idea where the males go, but we never see them again until the next spring. I can appreciate what you went through to get her picture. I have done similar things and even trespassed to get a good shot ... its the photographer in our blood that does it. Good post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Great pictures of the ducks and swans.
    The last picture is my favorite.

  7. It doesn't look ideal for looking for birds. Nice pictures of them in the snow though.

  8. Great getting shots of the mandarin female!


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