A pond in Nyköping

This Friday I went to Nyköping as I got a mail that said there were a Mandarin Duck swimming in the Swan pond. Well, I went there and I saw:

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Vitkindad gås - Branta leucopsis - Barnacle Goose
This wone was sleeping but others were not. I was happy as I did not have any good pics of this oen before. It is a small and very sweetlooking bird.
Rörhöna - Gallinula chloropus - Common Moorhen
This is a new species to me. I havn´t seen it before and now I spotted a pair. In that little pond. In the middle of the city. And got some good shots too. :)

Strandskata - Haematopus ostralegus - Eurasian Oystercatcher
 This was new  to me too. I´ve seen it once beforethrough the spotting tub, but so far away it was hard to recognise. And this time I got shots :)

In the small boat harbour nearby was a canadian goose nesting on the fabric roof to a small boat.

And to finish off came the first Fisktärna - Sterna hirundo - Common Tern of the year. I love that bird. So good to watch and a challenge to "get on film". And all of this in a small pond. But, what about the Mandarin Duck? No, it was not there.

                           NF Photo 10423 at Svandammen and the small boat harbor in Nyköping
More photos in the posts below for anyone interested. :)
BPW 87

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  1. That's a great lot of birds from one pond. I was especially interested in the photo of the Oystercatcher. We have similar birds out here - just a bit different but you can certainly tell they are all Oystercatchers.

  2. Sorry you you missed seeing the Mandarin. The others are all nice birds. Love the Oystercatcher.

  3. Vilka otroliga härliga bilder du har idag :)
    Underbart att få titta på dom .. vissa av dessa har jag aldrig fått sett här i verkligheten ..men jag försöker så gott jag kan med försöka :)
    Tack för ditt tips;)
    nu har jag bestämd att jag skall bli sakletare nu :)och jag har nu redan börjat med det :)

  4. So many species in and over a small pond! Really amazing! I like very much the Moorhen and the Tern! Have a nice week, ciao! :-)

  5. ...sorry you missed the Mandarin Duck, but the birds you did see are great! Love the Oystercatcher. I've not yet been able to photograph one. Glad you were able to. Great capture with the tern as well.

  6. It sounds like you had a great day at the pond, even if you missed the Mandarin Duck. Super shot of the Tern and I especially like the Barnacle Goose.

  7. Too bad about the mandarin duck, but you got many other good birds - and photos. That Canada Goose - they'll nest anywhere, won't they?


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