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Brunand - Common Pochard, adult male in winter plumage.  NF Photo 100331 at Duveholmsbadet

Knipa - Common Goldeneye, a male and a female in winter plumage  
NF Photo 100402 at Carl Ugglas Park

Sävsparv - Common Reed Bunting, adult male in summer plumage  
NF Photo 100404 at Tybblefälten
Today I like  to show you this weeks highlight. Birding is somewhat distressing. Sometimes you find nothing to see, other times birds are just there. When you least expect them to. But that is what is exciting about it, isn´t it?

The first bird, the Pochard, was swimming quietly down at the local little beach. Just 5 min from my apartment. I have not seen that one before so it was a nice surprise. 
The Goldeneye pair showed up at a small wetland, in my town, I use to visit now and then. And stayed put so I could get some nice photos.
The last one, the Reed Bunting, was nice to see in it´s present plumage. I had not seen that one before, only a female. So that one made my day today. :) 

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  1. A nice collection of birds & photos. The golden eye in the goldeneye is quite bright and clear. And you're right, the element of chance makes birding more intense.

  2. Great shots of all the birds NF. The Common Pochard looks a lot like our Canvasback over here in the US.

  3. Great collection of birds. I like seeing birds when I least expect them.

  4. Nice birds! The Reed Bunting looks really neat in that plumage. Looks like you had a few good ones this week :)

  5. Great shots, the Common Pochard and Reed Bunting are new to me.

  6. I agree that the element of chance in birding makes it more exciting - and frustrating too at times. Very nice photos of all the birds you saw this week.

  7. Underbara bilder ..den sista var ju så himla fin :) ja den första också ..och .hm .. även den i mitten .. så vem skall man kunde välja som favorit här .
    Alla blir min favorit ;)

  8. det är ju bra med många favoriter :)

    I checked out the canvasback and it is alike, The beak differs though, ;)

  9. As Larry said, your pochard looks much like our canvasback. I always enjoy seeing similar species in far distant lands, knowing that there's some distant relationship there. Pretty cool!

  10. All three species are great! For some odd reason I love that Reed Bunting though. That plumage is cool :)


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