A bird that likes stone and rock, Drillsnäppa - Actitis hypoleucos - Common Sandpiper

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NF Photo 100821 at Strandstuviken

NF Photo 100823 at Djulö Kvarn 
Drillsnäppa - Actitis hypoleucos - Common Sandpiper
The first photo was shot at Strandstuviken where I birded last week. The second two was shot at Djulö Kvarn when I was paddling. I was so surprized as I have never seen any waders there before. Or in the entire lake. This is a residential district and the two birds were walking just in front of a house. I came quite close too, in my kayak. Maybe they did not see me as a human where I sat in the kayak.

BPW 105

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  1. Bilden i mitten är jättefin!

  2. den är min favorit också.

  3. Great photos. I have also found that I can get closer to waders when I am in my kayak.

  4. Beautiful shots of the Sandpiper. The second one, with the bird in the grass is fabulous. I need to get a kayak.

  5. Snäppor är vackra och det är första året som jag lagt märke till först i år, speciellt när vi rör oss på havet längs kusten.
    Må gott! /Bea

  6. To have waders that close to a house would be great if they don't have dogs or cats.

  7. Kayak is probably the same like car. With a car you usually get much closer to birds too. Weird, no?
    Love the Sandpipers. Beautiful fellows (and photos) :)

  8. I see so very much from my kayak. It is so exciting to be able to float quietly up onto a mudflat or a sandbar and just watch them. ~karen

  9. yes, it is a good way o be birding. :)


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