Birding at Strandstuviken

The birds around the area where I live is non existent. It is almost empty now. Some preybirds hunting mice or rabbits are still here. Even the geeze has left. And the forest is quiet. I had to do something so I geared up and went to the coast. It is about 1.5 hours drive to Nyköping at the Baltic sea. I had checked the specis list for the area and it were suppost to be at least some waders there. Well, I found some even if it was not much. It was a strange day. Cloudy when I left with threatening clouds. At arrival the sun shone. When I came to an outlook tower and I was under cover, it started to pour down heavily. But there was some geeze and a  few waders to look at.

Then sun came back with a beautiful sky. I joined a couple and went to another location I had not visited before. At that wetland there were some more waders and a few terns. We also had our luch at that place. It is nice eating and birding. In the sun. Then I slowly started back. Itwas quite a way to walk back. With all of my equipment you don´t walk fast. Back at the car I had some fruit and then I heard thunder. I only went about 100 m when the sky opened. I almost had to stop the car because I did not see. The rain came down aso hard. I was happy to be in the car. Had I still been walking I would have been soaked before 30 sec of time.

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Vitkindad gås - Barnacle goose at Tornmaden

Brushane - Ruff,  at Aftonfalksängen

NF Photo 100821 at Strandstuviken, Nyköping

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  1. Looks like a great place for birding. Your saw some great birds. I would love to see the Ruff.

  2. That's a lot of different weather for one day. Glad you didn't get wet and nice that you got some good photos for all your effort. That last photo of the scenery is just beautiful.

  3. wow, that many shorebirds, that must be cool!

  4. Nice shots of the geese and the ruff but that landscape is gorgeous. What a beautiful place.

  5. Nice photos glad you made it back to the car in time.

  6. I would love to tick off a Ruff on my list. Great photo series!

  7. I´m happy you liked it. :)

  8. Kanon fina bilder tycker jag och det är väldigt roligt och intressant att se alla dina fågel bilder ..man lär sig lite för varje gång man hälsar på dig :)


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