Vårtecken - Sign of spring

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NF Photo 110322
First, the Canadian goose has arrived, at least 3 of them was visible across the land.

Then  2 cranes was flying by overhead. And this shot confused me. At the first quick glance I did not know what was head and what was foot. :)
And the coal tit has reappeared to my delight. It survived the winter.

Then I spotted one lapwing and one starling pairing up. But they were too far off to get a shot.

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  1. Se där .. Vårfåglar hos dig :)
    jag såg 5 svanar som flög förbi här igår ..men det är nog de enda vår fåglar jag har sett än :)
    härliga bilder på dom . och hur det än är .. så är vi på rätt väg nu i alla fall .. snart blir det mycket att fota .. så man inte hinner med ;)
    underbart :D

  2. Good series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Endelig sikre vårtegn. Flotte bilder.
    Fortsatt fin uke.

  4. Nice signs of spring. I hope it comes quickly for you.

  5. Spring has Arrived! Excellent birdlife for you to enjoy!

  6. I'm delighted you are seeing signs of Spring at long last. Cheers FAB.

  7. It's great that spring is arriving in the northern hemisphere at last. I can't wait to see what Swedish surprises spring has in store!

  8. Lovely collection of photos! A wonderful time of year!

  9. Great shot of the Coal Tit and the Cranes flying over must have been a real treat.

  10. I can see why the crane shot would confuse you. It did the same to me. Nice shot though.


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