Ägretthäger - Egretta alba - The Great White Egret

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Ägretthäger - Egretta alba - The Great White Egret
NF Photo 131007, Kvismaren

NF Photo 131007, Rysjön, Kvismaren

This is the view from the tower I was on. It has 3 floors and I was on the top one. To get the images above I used my 400mm lens and added a 2x Tele Plus. It resulted in a 800mm lens. On top of that it was a hard wind shaking the tower. Luckily I was able to have a rather short shutter speed. But considered it is no wonder the images have a lot of noise. But I am happy, it was the first time I saw them in Sweden so I got a Swedish X. There are 2 egrets, a few grey herons and geese in the images. They are in the center of the larger view image.

There seem to be a lot of confusion about where it belongs. I found no less then 2 Latin names for it: Ardea alba, casmerodius albus and Egretta alba. The confusion seem to be if they are herons or not. They can probably figure it out with DNA tests.

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  1. HI It was wonderful that you got a Swedish tick. That tower was very high but you got great shots even it was windy.

  2. Stunning shots from the tower!

  3. Elegant water and bird shots and love the presentation ~ carol ( A Creative Harbor)

  4. Quite a variety in one place!


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