European Goldfinch and Common blackbird

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Steglits - Carduelis carduelis - European Goldfinch
NF Photo 120625,  Aberlady Bay, Scotland 

As we don´t have much birds around now I thought I´g do through the birds from my trip to Scotland last year.

Koltrast - Turdus merula - Common Blackbird

About this birds I remember I didn´t really have time to shoot birds as we were leaving for an early morning trip to Aberlady Bay. It was only 6.15 in the morning and everyone was entering the car.  So, just a quick shot for documentation.

Wild Bird Wedensday
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  1. Lovely birds to see... and I love visiting Scotland especially the far north.

  2. Lovely. My Blackbirds have just started to return to the garden, I think they migrate further south in the summer and return here for the winter.

    The Goldfinch is just a lovely bird

  3. HI I think Goldfinches are very pretty birds.

  4. Like the goldfinch sitting up there on its perch surveying the world. The sky is so blue.

  5. Great photos and lovely bright colors.

  6. I especially like the European Goldfinch photograph; good to pick it up in your short opportunity

  7. Nice images! I hope we will soon see American Goldfinches here in Florida as they begin their migration.

  8. Jätte fina bilder:) Ja nu är det nästan bara fåglar som gäller..för inte finns det något annat att fota ute nu ..Men man får väl ändå försöka tvinga sig ut på foto promenad.. man kan ju alltid fota en sten;)
    ha en fin dag
    kram :)


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