Empty lake

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 Skäggdopping, juv - Great Crested Grebe, juvenile
Kråka - Hooded Crow
NF Photo 131011, Näsnaren
There are still only a few birds in the lake. Not at all the amount of migrating ducks there used to be. Maybe because the lake don´t have all that green stuff growing this year. The birds has nothing to eatand continue south.
A few juvenile Crested grebe still there and a Crow hunting for fish? Never seen that before. Is it common? Anyone know?

Bird D´Pot
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  1. Doppingarna är fina. Jag har aldrig sett kråkor fiska. Kanske den såg någonting flyta i vattnet?

  2. Hi We have Hooded Crows here but I have never seen them diving for fish.

  3. Wonderful....I've never heard of the hooded crow before.

  4. Love the shot of the shots of the fishing crow! Good catch.


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