Fjällgås - Anser erythropus - Lesser White-fronted Goose

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Fjällgås - Anser erythropus - Lesser White-fronted Goose
NF Photo 130921 Hjälstaviken 

This is a small rather dark goose with short and pink bill. And rare! There was a few on this location but this was the only images I was sure of the species.

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quote:  It breeds in northernmost Asia, but it is a scarce breeder in Europe. There is a re-introduction scheme in Fennoscandia

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  1. I read on our Texas bird site that these are spotted here [at least I read white fronted geese- not sure if same species tho], around my part of USA...I did not know that, and now that I've seen your photos, I'll be sure to look for some.

  2. HI I have neveer seen these birds so thanks for sharing them.

  3. The Greater White-fronted Geese sometimes show up in Illinois, but they are more common in the western US. They do not have as much white on their foreheads and lack the yellow around the eyes.


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